Brown Eyed Girls Releases EPIC Music Video "Kill Bill"

3:01 PM

The queens of K-Pop are back! All hail Brown Eyed Girls with their music video "Kill Bill". If you are familiar with the movie Kill Bill, by Quentin Tarantino , you know exactly what the video is about. I've never seen the movie before, but their music video was a great take on the movie.

I was a bit confused because I did not have a clue which member portrayed  the main character in the video.  Towards the end of the video, I realized each member had their own take of the main character from the movie. If you are a fan of the movie Kill Bill,  I'm sure this video will be a breathe of fresh air. The music video has the right amount of violence, drama, and a hint of sexiness. I've never been this pumped about a music video since the late Micheal Jackson. The song itself has a western cowboy tone and is a bit dark and twisted, but sings about women empowerment. As usual, the girls dance to a sexy choreography  that would make you want to cover your boyfriend's eyes. This video  needs an award.  I'm excited for the live performance of the song. Enjoy!

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  1. You should watch Kill Bill. It's really good and one of my fav action movie movie series! I know that Ga-in is the main character, The Bride. Elle Driver (eye patch) is played by JeA. The other two seem to be a mix of the other characters . . .either way, love this song!


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