Crazy Ways People Pay Tuition pt 2

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We couldn't fit all of the crazy ways that people pay tuition into one post, so we had to make another one. Here are more ways that students have found to get their school bills out of the way. Again we have to share this little disclaimer. We aren't endorsing any of these methods, just sharing what we found.

Lab Rat
Being a human guinea pig is also another way to earn some extra money to go towards school bills. Clinical studies and lab tests all around the world seek participants to join in their studies for compensation. Studies could be anything from watching you when you sleep to seeing how a new drug affects you. Of course, this is a choice that should be thought about long and hard before making a commitment.

Mail in rebates
An Auburn University student was able to pay off a semester's worth of tuition with mail in rebates. Jonathan Hood used his love for rebates into a smart way to pay for tuition. According to Yahoo! Finance, Hood used used $3,500 in rebates to help pay his $4,500 tuition.

The myth of the college stripper is not far from being true. Many young men and women choose to shake their goods to pay off tuition costs.

Disco Fever
Speaking of dancing, an Animation student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago decided to skip the club and show his moves on the street. After buying Saturday Night Fever and learning all of the dance moves, Jason Hopkins did the hustle all day long on the side walk. Amazingly he reportedly earns $10,000 a year for dancing.

Egg / Sperm Donation
You don't want to have kids yet, but you can help someone else get closer to having a child of their own. Many young men and women are being paid to give their eggs and sperms. It may seem like easy work, but it can actually take a lot longer than you'd think.

Egg donors are expected to go through a series of examinations that will evaluate your mental and physical state as well as take a look at your genetics. After that you'll have to go start taking hormones before the egg can be harvested. Egg donors are usually 35 or younger.

Sperm donors also go through physical exams and also get blood work done. Some clinics require donors remain committed for a certain length of time which can vary from a few months to a few years.  Once approved as a donor, a man can donate as many times a month as allowed by the clinic.
Female donors are compensated between $5,000 to $10,000 while male donors vary from $100 a session to $1200 a month.


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