Let Me Know It's Real: 7 Ways to Know You're Being Catfished

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The MTV reality show Catfish has become one of my favorite shows. The series gives people the chance to meet the real person they have been dating online for the first time in, and usually the person they meet is far from what they expected. The show has changed the way that people have looked at online dating making them thing twice before adding random people on Facebook. Of course some of the stories seem far stretched and avoidable (like being engaged with someone you never met) but the crazy thing is, it could happen to anyone. Even you. After watching the show, and using this thing called common sense, we've piled together a fool proof way to see if your dream guy is as real as he says he is.

1. You're dating a model

My BF is an A&F model and looks just like Trey Songz! 
Looks can be deceiving, and online it's easy to steal anyone's picture and use it to be your own. So when that Brad Pitt look-a-like friends you on Facebook, it's okay to be skeptical. If you want to weed out a fake is to search their profile pictures on Google Images. If no other images are found, then you may be in the clear. If not, then you may be getting reeled in by a fake.

2. Can never meet

Is your dream guy always dropping out of dates and cancelling meetups?  If he's always cancelling or something comes up, ask him what's up. Is he really busy, or is he hiding something from you?

3. Face Time

Not being able to see each other in person because you two are in different cities or even countries is okay,but not being able to video chat is another thing. Web cams come pretty cheap and with free services like Oovoo and Skype, there's really not a reason that you can't video chat with someone. If you're online crush is constantly giving excuses as to why he can't show his face online, there's a high chance that he isn't who he says he is.

4. Camera Shy

The first place to look when you're trying to find out if you're being Catfished is your boo's Facebook and Instagram. Scope through the photos. Are there lots of photos? Are the photos diverse and taken at different times? Are there other people in the photos? Are they tagged? If the only thing you see are two bathroom pics then you have every right to be suspicious.

5. Pic texts
Sending pictures over the phone is a great way to weed out a fake. The best way to do it is by asking him to send a pic of something specific. For example, ask him to take a picture with a calendar with today's date circled next to his face. Even the cheapest phones now come with cameras, so there should be little to no excuses as to why you can't get a fresh picture.

6. What About Your Friends
If your crush is on Facebook, take a look through his friend list. Does he have a lot of friends? Now check his timeline. Has anyone tagged him in photos Birthday wishes aside, do his friend write on his wall? A "no" to any of those questions should raise an eyebrow. If you want to investigate a little further, add some of his friends on Facebook and start asking them about your boo. Instead of coming right out and asking if your boo is a fake, ask questions like, "Are you close with so-and-so?" or "Have you hung out with him lately". Talking with his friends will help you get to know him better and reveal if he's hiding behind a front.

7.Mr. Understood
There have been some rare cases on Catfish where the person being investigated isn't hiding behind a fake profile, but sometimes this person is making a fantasy life for himself. He'll boast online that he flies around everywhere and owns a Bugatti, but have never traveled outside of city limits and still ride a bus. To see if everything they say is real, ask him to give you a video tour  or send  photos if he can.

These are only a few of many ways to see if your online crush is real. When it comes to finding love online, your most trusted tool will be your gut. If you feel something is off about your boo, follow your gut and start asking questions.

Have anything to add or just want to say something? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Good tips. I am so glad I am not single in this day and time. I think the whole catfish thing is awful. Setting 'friends' up and watching them get hurt or embarrassed. Mean spirited. Also as the old saying goes if it sounds too good to be true it usual is. That works with dating as well.

    1. I know! Its so crazy to see that someone you would call your friend would end up hurting you so bad. You'd think they'd get tired of pretending. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Definitely good tips. I am so glad I am married and don't have to navigate dating these days!


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