KPop: Comebacks, Teasers, and More! BigBang Wonder Girls, and 2NE1

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Only a few more days left before BigBang reveals their new "Monster" video. After releasing teaser photos of their outfits, teaser videos of each of the members soon followed. Just as I suspected, the boys seem to be in some kind of insane asylum, but there is something peculiar about them in the video. Each member looks dazed and confused in the video while wondering around a dark and disheveled hallway looking for a way out. The concept of a monster rings in your head when you see the groups eyes begin to change in the video. Snippets of the song can be heard in each teaser.

GD is known to rock the mushroom hair, but this isn't working for me at all. He some how oddly reminds me of this kid.

TOP looks so good. Those eyes . . .

Seungri no longer looks like Spock. I guess Taeyang helped him out a bit- Cheers!
Taeyang looking good- as ususual

Daesung's hair cut- ehh

Also making their return to the KPop music scene are the Wonder Girls. The girls are set to release their upcoming mini album "Wonder Party" June 3rd. Their first single, "Like This", sounds really upbeat and has a hip-hop feel that I'm not used to hearing from the Wonder Girls since their previous work has been more pop, retro and a few ballads. From what they have revealed in the teaser, we can expect what looks like a flash mob (and amazing choreography) in their new music video.

It's been a while since the girls properly promoted any of their Korean singles. They recently debuted their made for TV movie, "Wondergirls at the Apollo", on Nickelodeon and coincidentally tried to promote both the movie and their Korean/English versions of their song "Be My Baby" around the same time. With the girls being so busy they only had time to promote their single for a bit before jumping back on a plane to the US to promote their US single, movie, and yet-to-be released full length English album.

WG is still trying to keep their presence in Korea releasing another single with more focus on promotions. The girls will be going head to head with aforementioned chart toppers BigBang, who will also be releasing their single "Monster" on June 3rd. During the month of June other KPop stars will be making comebacks including the unstoppable 2NE1 and SECRET to name a few. It's safe to say that the Wonder Girls will have their work cut out for them.

2NE1 is also in the last stages of creating the video for their latest fan aided single "Be Mine". The fourth and final round of their Make Thumb Noise Project was for fans to choose the bridge of the song (not actually picking the clips as I would have hoped). Both of the different bridges sound great with CL taking the vocal lead, but only the one with the most votes will be included into the song. Again, you can vote for your favorite version by going here. I'm really excited to see (and hear) the end product.

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