College Experiences: First Semester

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Transitioning into college can be hard at times. Below is a story written by Destiny and her first semester in college. If you would like to discuss your college experience email us at

A Fresh Start 

  I cannot believe the first semester of college is almost over. As I reflect back, I did not expect to be where I am now. Most people would describe me as shy at first, but talkative after awhile. I will agree that I am shy at first; however, while in high school I lacked confidence.

Lacking confidence was one thing I wanted to change about myself while in college. When I first arrived to college, I soon went back into my shy phase like in my high school years where I lacked confidence. I felt alone because I did not see one familiar face from high school. Seeing people from my high school posting pictures of themselves having fun at their college on Facebook did not make me feel any better either. To make matters worse, I had to eat lunch by myself. I hated that!  I soon started to regret ever coming to a school where I did not know anyone. After a couple of weeks, I told myself that I coulf not allow my lack of confidence to affect my college life. So I started to believe in myself more and more each day.

I eventually went to campus events, and met more people along the way. After this, I became more happy about myself and college life. I no longer missed high school. I realized that life is in the past and I am not in the past anymore. I learned that I should never regret anything that I do in life and everything happens for a reason.  As for my grades in college, I never had a hard time studying because high school prepared me for college work. I was ready for whatever challenge the professor would throw at me. Now, I am ready for whatever challenge life throws at me.

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  1. This is an awesome story, Destiny! I love how you were able to make changes during college. Confidence is something I struggle with a lot, so I can definitely relate with this!


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