Do Real Women Have Curves?

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You've seen it before; a beautiful medium height woman with a glowing smile. She's wearing a bikini that shows off her curves. You can't help but notice the small waist, big breast, and bootylicious butt. You may read a comment or phrase below the picture that says "Real Women Have Curves." I've heard that phrase too many times. I began to wonder; "do real women have curves? If so, what makes a skinny woman any less if she does not have curves?"

Images of skinny women are everywhere. Many say that the skinny model on a billboard ad is not a good  example of what  real women looks like, but are the images of curvy women misleading as well? Seeing a skinny model or actress may cause some women to go to the extremes of dieting or plastic surgery in hopes of attaining the Jennifer Aniston body or look like the model in Vogue Magazine. Is it safe to say that there are skinny women who also go to extremes with eating or plastic surgery to get a body similar to Nicki Minaj. Much like big women who are told they are too fat, skinny girls are told they are too lanky or need enhancement.

Growing up in the South, there are curvy women almost everywhere this can make a skinny woman feel left out. Singer Kelly Rowland tells Ebony Magazine about her insecurities with being a skinny girl in the South.
"I didn't find myself attractive at all. In the South all girls are stacked. They got boobs. They got these tiny waists, and they got butts. I ain't got none of that"
"You're too skinny" or "You are a Stick" are some words that skinny girls may hear, even though they are the right weight for their height.   A girl that attended my high school told me how boys called her anorexic, although that clearly wasn't true. Those words are hurtful to a girl's view of her body image. It's mean to call a big girl fat, but it is also mean to call a skinny girl a toothpick. I, being a skinny girl in the South, know what it is like to be teased about being skinny, but I'm not changing myself for anyone. However, not every girl thinks this way. Some people want what others have. Some big girls want to be skinnier, and some skinny girls want to be bigger. Can we all for once look at the image of the skinny model or curvy model and say that's her body not mine, and my body is right for me? Not everyone is born with a Beyonce booty or the Shakira's stomach. Even with these women, I'm pretty sure they had to spend hours in the gym to get that shape. As soon as you start accepting your flat butt, chubby stomach, or small chest the better. Instead of the phrase "Real Women Have Curves", lets change it to "Real Women Come in Different Sizes".

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