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We were a little late on the messages last night, but one of our favorite rappers Jin celebrated his 30th birthday yesterday and got the greatest gift a father could ask for - the birth of his first child!

Congratulations to you and your beautiful wife, and enjoy your new journey in parenthood!

Getting older and starting a family aren't the only things that Jin has been up to. June 1st Jin and other Freestyle Friday legends were welcomed back to be apart of BET's Freestyle Friday Hall of Fame. Other legends included Blind Fury, Posta Boy, and Bones Brigante among others.

Not only that, but Jin has also been in the studio, creating a new single for his English album, and -from what one of his recent blog post says- may even be coming back to the states! What ever the future holds for Jin and his family, we want to wish them all well.

 Check out the performance below.  

Jin's latest single, Brand New Me>
(Baby photo)

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