Married at 19? I Don't Think So

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Fans were shocked to learn that 19-year-old singer Tiffany Evans tied the knot when she was only 17 years-old. Some congratulated the singer on her pregnancy and marriage, while others came with their own opinions, stating that the singer was far too young to be married, and was growing up too fast. Although I congratulate Tiffany and believe that she is mature enough to handle her own (she was emancipated at the age of 15), I think that 19 is way too young to be married.

Being in a relationship with a sailor, I've gotten a lot of questions from family and friends on whether or not we're going to get married - and we haven't even been dating for a full year yet! It's natural for a man to  join the service and shortly after settle down with his sweetheart, so it's no surprise that they would be curious. But at only 19, we both believe that we need a few more years before we decide to walk down the aisle.

First off, we're not ready. Neither of us want to settle down right now. I personally want to experience life without all the added responsibilities that marriage carries. Even when I'm done with school and he's finished with service, we'll have to make sure that we're financially stable and able to provide for ourselves and our family. Hopefully by that time, we'll both be mature enough to know what if we're ready for a life long, committed relationship.

Getting married is a life changing experience. It doesn't mean that all of the fun will end, but it is stepping into a new role as a wife. It means putting behind your own selfishness in order to love and care for another person (or persons if you have kids) for the rest of your life.  I want to be absolutely sure that I'm ready and the man I marry is capable protecting and providing for our future family.
What works for one person may not work for another. I'm sure Tiffany knows what's best for her. As for me - I'm willing to wait.

Readers: How do you feel about teen marriage?  Do you know someone who married while they were young, or have you considered this yourself?

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  1. I honestly don't see anything wrong with it. I'm 19, 20 in September and I have been with my fiance for four years. We are getting married this August. We have lived together for a little more than a year now and I've already taken the role of being a wife. People say getting married at a young age is bad because you want to party and blah blah blah and there is a bunch of responsibility. Well for one, we pay our own bills. In high school, when I moved in with him, we were paying our own bills. We have our own car and everything else we may need. Getting married doesn't mean we're starting our family right away. What kind of fun is there that I can't have when I'm married. I'm not one for parties or drinking or whatever. I don't see anything wrong with it. And if you're an adult and live on your own or with your significant other, then it's really no one's place to be putting their nose in your business. Some people are ready for marriage and some aren't. Just because there are people who aren't doesn't mean they have to ruin it for the ones that are.

    1. When a person decides they are ready to be married is completely up to them, and some people are ready at an earlier age than others. I just know that right now, I'm not ready for that step. Thanks for your comment, and Congrats on your engagement!


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