Twenty Things We Learned Our Freshmen Year

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 Freshman year has come and gone for us and we both had a great time meeting new people and doing new things all while picking up valuable lessons along the way. We decided to share what we learned our freshman year with.
1. Don't skip class

Skipping class to catch the latest movie may sound like fun, but missing too many days could hurt not only your grade, but your wallet as well.. At my university, you are only allowed three days out of class before a letter grade is taken off your class average. When a student missed too many days, the financial aid would be notified and it could have resulted in the student losing his/her aid award. Never miss the first day of class! My professors loved to give extra credit and super easy quizzes on days that students decided not to show up, meaning easy A’s for those in class.

2. Get those Digits

I'm not just talking about the hot guy in your English class (although I wouldn't object), but getting your professors and classmates contact info is a must. Most professors give both their email and cell phone numbers to their students, so getting in touch with them is super easy. Text them (if they know how to) about assignments and they’ll be able to respond to you as quickly as possible. Just know that texting them at 3am will not get you a happy response. Classmates will be there to help you keep up with assignments and study, and who knows, you may make a friend in the process.


Before I registered for classes, I always checked this site to size up my professors. It’ll really help you avoid the professors from hell and help you when registering for classes. You can also ask classmates or others in your field about which teachers to take and avoid.
The money you saved on your book could go to new shoes!
4. Don't buy the book –yet

This is another reason that you should go to class, especially the first day. Most professors let the students know what their teaching style is and whether or not you’ll actually need to buy the book or just study from the notes. This will save you a lot of money. If you do have to buy the book, check with friends, family, and even online to see if you can find the book for a a cheaper price than the campus book store.

5. Check Your Email!
Most colleges spread the word about job fairs, special guests, and events through email blasts. Be sure to check your school email. You’d be surprised to find out about all the free stuff that they give away on campus.

6. Ask For Help
You're paying for your education, so why not get your money's worth. Ask your professors to clarify any problems you have with any assignments, or buddy up with a friend to help you work things out. Check with your campus to see if they have tutoring available for students. Most of these services are either covered through tuition, or are offered free of charge.

7. Eat Something!
Believe me -there's nothing worse than going to an hour long class with an empty stomach. You won't be able to concentrate on the lesson, and your growling stomach will let everyone know you're starving. I usually packed a snack to class to keep the hunger at bay. Depending on your professor's classroom rules, you may even be able to bring food into the class (of course not a full course meal).  

8.    Protect Yourself
You’d be surprised how many girls you see transform themselves from students to mothers over the semester or the alarming rate of STDs in America. We know you’re enjoying your freedom and exploring, but be smart about your health. Be sure to always use protection if you're sexually active, and ask your doctor about prescribing to birth control. We know it’s not the most exciting thing to talk about with your partner, but be sure that they are STD free, and make a plan B to see what your actions will be in the even that you do get pregnant. It’s better to to be safe than sorry in the long run.

9 Just Do It!
College is a time to experience new things and meet new people, so when something exciting happens make a choice to be a part of it. SGA throwing a foam party? Get ready to throw around some suds. There's a modeling event coming to town? Then show them why you own the catwalk. Believe me, you'll feel better in the long run saying that took a chance and tried something than wishing you had.

10. Your Advisor is your friend! 
Your academic advisor is probably the greatest asset to your college career. He or she will help guide you in the path you should take in your academic career, and if he’s any good he’ll do all he can to help you. Talk to your advisor about what you plan to do in the future, your career goals, and the classes you should take. If you’re planning to transfer anytime in your college career, be sure to let your advisor know so you’re not wasting your time (and money!) on classes that won’t transfer.

11. Don't Party Too Much

When you are in college, the temptations to party can be hard to resist. I can't tell you the number of stories I've heard about college students partying and drinking too much. If you party like a rock star remember you still have class the next morning, so be responsible. If you party, don't drink too much, and make sure you have a RELIABLE driver.

12. Not Everyone is Your Friend

You will meet people one day and never see them again. Not everyone you meet will turn into a long term friend. This is the process of meeting people. Some of the people you meet will probably be a "Hey Friend" (A person you only say hey to). It won't be easy meeting consistent friends, but you will. Stay Positive - even when you have to eat lunch by yourself. Don't just let anyone in your life. Some people are not worth your time!

13. Keep A Planner

The work may not be hard your freshman year, but it can become overwhelming especially when you procrastinate. If you, like most college kids, want to hold off your work for later, make sure you have a planner. That way you will remember the work you haven't done yet.

14. Saved By The Professor

The Professor can save you big time when it comes to grades. For example, let's say you are two points away from passing a class. If you've been attending class regularly and participating in class room activities, the Professor may give you the two points you need.

15. Say No to Drugs
You've heard that phrase since kindergarten. Sounds cliché, but it's true. Some of you will be pressured into smoking and doing other types of drugs. Remember, it's okay to walk away.

16. Stay On Campus
If you paid your precious money to live on campus, then why are you going home every weekend? The point of living on campus is to stay there and enjoy the campus environment. You will be homesick, but you should enjoy being away from home. I understand if you have a car and want to go home, that's fine, but at least spend some weekends on campus.

17. Stop Looking For Your Husband

Some girls try to make a party boy into a future husband while in college. Most guys in college want to party, date a couple of girls, and sleep with some as well. These guys are not ready to settle down. So stop trying to make him yours, and let him go!

18. Stay True To Yourself
So many people change when they enter college for the first time. Remember that shy girl in high school, well when she's in college you will see her in booty shorts and living it up at parties. Remember you don't have to change yourself when you enter college. Be Who You Are!

When is this ever cute?
19. Dress to Impress

I've seen girls walk into class with their head wraps on and guys wearing their pajama pants. I know it's tough going to an 8:00 class, but at least dress decent. Dress like you care about yourself! You never know who’ll you meet along the way.

20. Have Fun!
You're in college. Live It Up! Go out to eat with friends, or go to the movies. Have nice safe fun! If you're going to party, then party! You can party without any drama. If you're going out wear something cute but appropriate. Enjoy the moment!

To the readers: What did you learn your freshman year? Any tips or advice for the upcoming freshman class?

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