Five Ways to Make Money This Summer

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Looks like someone's running on E. Don't worry, we've got you covered. 
We both know that finding a job this summer, and lots of us are looking for  ways to make money. That's why we decided to share these easy ways to make money this summer.   

Social Media Expert
Constantly on Facebook, Twitter, or pinterest?  Know how to get the word out about events to people? Well sell your skills to local business! Building a social platform is great way for businesses to reach a broader audience and will be looking for someone to help them do it. Just email the business your willing to work for or go in to speak to a manager directly.

 Throw a Yard Sale

Sell your old stuff to people who want it. Just spread the word by putting up posters a week or two in advance. Sell items that are still in good condition and can be re-used. You can even ask your parents if you can sell some of their old stuff to increase your profit. Set everything at a reasonable price, because no matter how much it meant to you, no one is going to buy your favorite Teddy bear for $20.

Independent Sales Reps
You can sign up to be a Independent Sales Rep for companies such as AVON and Mary Kay and get paid for selling beauty products. This would be a great job for anyone who loves to play with makeup, or have an aunt who just can't live without her lipstick. You don't even have to stop at makeup- there are sales companies who specialize in all types of goods!  Find one that fits your interest today and start selling!

Sell Your Old Clothes
Those old clothes could add up to some cold hard cash
This a great way to get rid of all those clothes that you can't wear or just haven't worn yet. Consignment shops and stores like Plato's Closet will be willing to take exchange your old clothes(and even shoes!) for cold hard cash. Before making your trip, be sure to call in advance and get information on their policies and what days they accept clothes.

Dog Walking/Watching
Your family or neighbors may be planning for a trip soon and need someone to look after old Fido. If your game for taking care of someone's pet, then offer them your service. You'll just have to make sure the pet is fed, watered, and gets some sunshine while their owner is away. You can set your own cost for the day or the entire time their away. Just make sure you're up for the challenge.

How are you making money this summer? Any advice you want to give to other readers? 

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