Jesse Williams Breaks Fan's Heart

11:00 AM

Aryn left of Jesse Williams looks striking in blue pants as she attends the NBA Finals with my boo Dr. Avery.

If you follow us on Twitter or Liked our Facebook page, you would know that I have a crush on actor Jesse Williams a.k.a Dr. Avery from Grey's Anatomy. So I was stalking him on Twitter and discovered that he is still dating his fiance Aryn. The two were spotted attending the NBA finals, with CNN reporter Don Lemon.
  *Sidebar* Congratulation to the Miami Heat on their win.  I'm not hating on those two, but Jesse - I thought we had something special. I looked pass the fact that you were older than me and ignoring my tweets. In the words of Adele never mind I'll find someone like youuu! I wish you two the best and send us wedding pictures. (Teary Eyes) The song below is an example of me and Jesse's relationship. I'm leaving to go watch Lifetime. Wait. Grey's Anatomy is on. I don't think my heart can take it.

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  1. I don't know hey, during the past few months he has been wearing a wedding ring so I think they actually got married.So he is gone girl... Really cute couple though

    1. Noooooo!!!!!!!! I agree they do make a cute couple. I really do wish them the best. I heard he has two brothers... I wonder what they look like.J/K.


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