Who Is Honey Cocaine?

12:00 PM

This Cambodian rapper who calls herself 90s gold caught the eye of rapper Tyga and many more fans, but some may question and want to learn more about the upcoming rapper.
Honey Cocaine is only nineteen years old and her real name is Sochitta Sal. She's from Canada and received  recognition by rapper Tyga. The two have since collaborated with the song called "Heisman". Honey Cocaine even performed with Tyga during his concert Careless World. However, during one show earlier this year Honey was shot in the arm only suffering minor injuries. The song below is called "Who Shot Me", that samples Biggie's "Who Shot Ya", talks about the night she was shot. I really want your honest opinion. What do you think about the song Who Shot Me? Do you like Tyga's protege? Do you think she will become a successful female rapper?

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  1. I Love Her And The Song Who Shot Me Cant Wait For Her New Mixtape To Drop


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