Orange Caramel, Ciara + More New Music Video Releases

9:00 AM

Orange Caramel released a new cutesy song and video called "Lipstick". Sidenote- I love the groups name. The song was sorta annoying to me at first, but it later grew on me. The trio wore very girly and feminine clothing. These girls are far from the bad girl image that we usually see from artists like 2ne1 and Rihanna.

 These girls are poison! Secret's song "Poison", is a similar to their old song "Madonna". The video looks like Beyonce's "Dance For You". I think the girls were a little inspired by Beyonce because of the  usageof  uh-oh in the lyrics. The song is not my favorite because it sounds too familiar to me. I was expecting more from these girls, especially after the addicting song "Shy Boy".

Are you going through difficulties in your life? Well maybe Miss A's song "Fly High" will give you some inspiration. The group has been silent for awhile, but now they're giving their fans some hope. Take a look below

Ciara is a pure example of never giving up on your hopes and dreams. Most of Ciara's recent songs were not my favorite, but "Sorry" was a nice tune to hear from her. It reminds me of 90's R&B music. I really hope this song becomes a hit for Ciara because I really miss her and I know she needs this to pay her bills.

What do you think of these latest releases? Think you'll be listening to any of these soon?

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