College Myths

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Before entering college, I fantasized about my college experience.  I often thought that college would be a lot like the movies. In reality college was far from a Hollywood production movie.

Your Roommate Might Not Be Your Friend

 When I first became a freshman, I had to meet new friends. Since I was going to a brand new school, I thought my roommates might become my friends, and we would share our college experiences together. I was wrong. My roommates were off on their own. They each had their own set of friends that did not include me. I later found associates and afterwards, I did find a group of friends.

The Work Is Not That Hard

I use to think college work would be hard, but I later realized that it was a lot similar to some high school work. Depending on the professor and the number of credit hours you take, the work will be a breeze.

Sleep In- You Better Not Do That!

I quickly realized that attendance is a must for some classes. Most professor will tell you their attendance policy, which can be very strict. Some professors will only accept one or two unexcused absences, after that points will be taking away from your final grade. However, there are a few professors who don't care if you show up for class until test day.

My Husband Is Near

Many girls think they will find "the one" in college. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of nice guys in college, but sometimes finding a boyfriend/husband while in school only happens in movies. So enjoy your friends and stop worrying about finding a man.

I'm Getting Fat

The Freshman 15 is such a myth. Unless you eat constantly, you will probably not gain much weight, if any it will be three pounds. So enjoy that cheese burger!

College Food Is Better Than High School

When it comes to food in college, it's usually good. On the first week . However, the only difference between the food in college and high school is the variety. In  college, you may have more options of different food choices.

Never Room With Your BestFriend

This myth does have some truth to it. Some friends should never room with each other. However, there are a few occasion were your friend may be the best roommate for you.  If you and your friend know each other well enough (if you know your friend is a slob or neat freak) then you may steer away from this myth.

If you have any other myths you would like to add, please comment

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