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The 2012 elections are quickly approaching and campus voter registrations drives are in full effect, on my campus. I'm happy to see so many people excited to be able to vote, but I'm also concerned about how they vote. I've seen and heard many claims from the two parties camps that the public has accepted without a fact check. I'm not here to endorse a candidate or tell you which party is the best, but I do want you to make an informed decision about who you select in the November ballot.

Voting is one of the most powerful weapons that Americans have, because it directly affects who will have the power to run this country. That is why it is so important to research the candidates running in the upcoming election because they will decide in which way this country will head in the future. Just voting for Romney or Obama just because your parents and friends are rooting for them is not a good decision. You have to decide why this candidate would be the best choice to run this country. Learn how each candidate plans to tackle tough issues such as the economy, foreign diplomacy, health care, women's rights, and their past record.

And if you are not registered to vote, it's not too late. Many campus organizations hold registration drives so that would be the easiest place to go; for students DMV and other state funded buildings are other places you can become registered.

Since we’re on the subject of voting, be sure to vote for us in the best teen blog section of the Black Web Blog awards! We want to win this thing, and will really need your support to do it! Thank you in advance!

Hope to see you out there at the polls!

More information on voting and registering to vote:

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