My College Goals

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Each year brings new challenges. Since this is my second year in school, I decided to gather a list of goals that I would like to accomplish:

Meet New People: I got a head start on this one. I've met a few international students that are from Korea and China. One way I plan to meet new people is joining different organizations around campus.

Finish Where I Left Off:  Last year, I somewhat joined the school newspaper, but I gave up on it. This year, I actually want to continue where I left off. This time I want to put more effort into our school's newspaper. After all, I am a Broadcast Journalist major.

Pass My Classes: I only have twelve credit hours so I'm hoping for success in each of my classes. I'm not asking for a 4.0, but I'm not settling for anything below my exceptions. I must admit, I get a little distracted. Hopefully I can stay focused.

Keep This Blog Updated:  One of the hardest things to do while in school, is keeping this blog updated. I want to have a different post everyday, but it can be challenging, especially when juggling school work and spending time with friends. To all our readers please be patient.

If It's Possible.. Find A Boyfriend: This one goal, I 'm not getting my hopes set upon. Getting a boyfriend is hard, even in college. I'm not really looking for someone special, but if something happens then it happens. I'm also not going to be depressed about being single because life is too short for that.

What are some goals you would like to accomplish in school?

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