Tiffany Evans Gives Birth to First Child

3:18 PM

A  congratulations goes out to singer Tiffany Evans and her husband Lorenzo Henderson for the birth of their first child! Their gorgeous baby girl was born Tuesday, September 25.
The child, named Adalia Sarai Henderson, weighed 6 lb 8 oz.

In her first interview since giving birth, Tiffany tells Tiffany shares, "She's already changed my life tremendously and I just want to give all of the love that God has given to me, to her. She is truly my joy."

Tiffany has kept fans updated about her pregnancy,sharing with fans her thoughts on baby names, her readiness to give birth, and the wonders of breast feeding. You can see a picture of Adalia and her first interview after the birth on

Source:, Twitter, Instagram

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  1. Exactly how old is Tiffany's husband? For some reason the press focuses on her age and not his.

  2. Lorenzo i 27 years old. He recently tweeted about being in a circus so this is definetly him in the article.


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