Impatiently Waiting For Love- The Singles Blues

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Sometimes what we need and what we want can cause inner conflicts in our hearts. Many of us want a boyfriend or girlfriend, but are unsure if we need it. If you're single the advice you've heard too many times is to wait and your true love will find you. Waiting is the hardest thing to do because many of us grow impatient. It's like standing in a long line waiting to find the love of our life at the end, but some of us tend to stop waiting and walk away. Once we walk away, we may settle for what's in front of us. If that someone in front of us appears  nice, sweet, and thoughtful we may give them a chance. However, when their bad qualities start appearing we may turn away thinking how naive we were and become a bit scared to open our hearts again to someone new. Some of us may even become a bit jealous when we see other couples together or our friends finding love.  What to do when you're feeling a bit blue about being single?

All that Glitters Is Not Gold

I  know you've seen or heard this quote before, but it's true. Some things in life are not what they appear . Seeing the "perfect couples"  can make us become envious, but sometimes even the most perfect couples on the outside have flaws. Some girls go above and beyond to keep the relationship going. In high school, I always wonder how girls kept getting boyfriends, but many of those girls had to sleep with their boyfriends just to keep them.

Self Pity Is A Bi*ch

We all had a self pity party before. Thinking: "I Will Die Alone", "Nobody Loves Me", " Maybe I'm ugly, that's why I'm still single".  No one wants to party alone, so why are we constantly having a "self" pity party? Self pity will knock you down. Instead of spending hours by yourself thinking negative, go outside and inhale some fresh air.

Fall For Your Type

Many times when we're dating, the type of men or women that fall for us are not exactly what we're looking for. They may leave scars and like many scars it will forever to heal.  I truly believe there is a reason for everything, and there is a reason that person isn't 't the one. Maybe your path is trying to steer you somewhere else.

Why Don't You Love Me? 

So you find a new crush. The problem is your crush doesn't like you back.However, you still have hope that maybe, just maybe, your crush may still fall for you. In the end, your crush finds someone. You may wonder, why they didn't like you back? The answer; you were not what they were looking for, or you're not their type. I know it hurts to like someone that doesn't like you back, but as time passes you will forget those feelings you once had.

It's Not Like The Movies

As you've probably discovered, finding a boyfriend or girlfriend is not as easy as a Hollywood Movie. A lonely girl doesn't meet a nice guy when she first arrives to college or go to a party. It's just not that simple. Many of us want to find love like Rose from Titanic, or all the Tyler Perry films. The sooner we start to realize that real life is far from a scripted movie the better.

This may not be the best advice, but I wanted you all to know that your not alone with the single blues. Comment below if you'd like to add on to the discussion.

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