Are You Scared of the Dark?

11:49 PM

In the spirit of Halloween I wanted to share some of the scariest Youtube videos I've seen this month. I dare you to watch these with the lights off! The first is from one of my favorite YouTube stars Kane Carter b.k.a. hotdamnirock. Has a dream that he just can't seem forget featuring one of my childhood nightmares. Watch the video after the break!

If that didn't scare you enough, how about watching this next video.
Have you ever heard of Slenderman? Neither did I until I watched this documentary about the strange figure that seems to be linked to the disappearance of thousands of children. Fair warning, I only made it a minute in before stopping the video the first time.

I think we've had enough of the scary for one night. To close this post, I'm leaving you with Part 1 of Dormtainment's Halloween Special. If you remember the guys video from last year, then you know you're in for something good. Hope you enjoyed the videos, and Happy Halloween!

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