Easy and Cute Last Minute Costumes

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Going out for Halloween, but can't find a cute costume? Do not worry my friend, we have you covered. Whether it's a last minute Halloween party invite, or trick-or-treating with the kids, we've gathered some really awesome last minute Halloween costumes that you'll love. Check them out!


Miss America

And you thought you would never wear your prom dress again! All you need is a floor length dress, a tiara, and a sash to pull off this look. Be sure to smile really big and tell everyone that you want to promote world peace. A bouquet of flowers will be the best accessory for this look!


Minnie Mouse

My coworker actually told me about this costume look. All you'll need is a red skirt, black shirt, tights, and yellow heels! You can make the mouse ears by cutting circles out of a card board box and taping them to the top of a black headband. Add a cute bow and wallah, you're done! The best thing about this is that all you need is probably already in your closet!

Greaser Girl

For this look, think Sandy from Grease. For this one you’ll need a leather jacket, leggings, and tube top tp complete this look. Add a belt with a gold buckle. Heels are optional for this look, since a cute pair of ballet flats will be a good substitute.

80's Teen Queen

Katy Perry in her "Last Friday Night" video is the perfect muse for this costume idea. Big hair and bright colors compose this look.  To be the perfect 80's girl, put your brightest pieces together and use lots of mouse and holding spray for the hair!

If you’re still stuck, you can always follow Michelle Phan’s advice and be a ninja!

Have any ideas for a last minute costume? What are you going to be wearing?

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