Rihanna Gets Owned on Her Own Song

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It's very rare that I hear a song that sounded better than the original, but last night I found a cover of Rihanna's Diamonds that would have put her and her zealous Navy to shame. Meet Jade Novah, a beautiful songstress who has credentials as being a song writer to R&B favorites such as Melanie Fiona and Christina Milian among others. Novah has been trying her hand at being a solo artist and yesterday uploaded a cover of Rihanna's Diamonds. The video has only been up 48 hours, but has already reached over twelve thousand views on Novah's Youtube channel (more if you count the re uploads from other users), and the numbers are steadily growing.

Jade Novah
Since this was the first time that I heard Diamonds, I was curious to see how Rihanna's original version fared, needless to say I was very disappointed. To put it in a nice way, Novah made Rihanna sound like an amateur. Novah's vocals are completely flawless, and more heartfelt than RiRi's. She effortlessly makes this song her own. If you didn't know better, you would have thought that Rihanna was just another Youtuber hoping for fame. Just a quick listen to both the songs will prove to even the most devote Rihanna fan that their star has been upstaged.

Keep an eye out for more of Jade Novah's music. While you're at it, check out her free mixtape. Believe me, you won't regret it.

Who Sung It Better: Rihanna or Jade Novah? Leave a Comment to Let Us Know!

Jade Novah's version

Rihanna's version

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