Shopping Habits You Need to Avoid

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We've all made shopping mistakes before, whether it be splurging on a trendy pair of heels we never wore, or just spending way above our limits. We've found some shopping mistakes many people fall into, so you can avoid them.

Buying New Merchandise
One rule that I always follow is to think twice before buying anything that just came in. It may be cute and fresh from the factory, but that same shirt that you're eyeing now will be on sale in a couple of weeks. Unless you just can't live without it, leave it on the rack and wait till it goes down. Or better yet, see if you can spot a similar item for a better price in another store.

Credit card shopping sprees
That 20% off for opening a new card is tempting, but don't let it fool you. Store credit cards carry high interest rates, and they can only be used in that store. The extra percentage off will only drive you to buy more, which will only increase you balance. Not only that, but opening up too many cards can hurt your credit. If you already have a store card, make sure to only use it if you know you can pay it back on time. Don't shop on a rock star wardrobe when you can only afford ramen and water.

Impulse Shoppping
I know you think it's cute, but do you really need that $100 leather, studded jumpsuit? That jumpsuit may not be in my closet, but I have gotten lots of impulse inspired clothing at home. Some I have never even worn.  Before making an impulse purchase, think about how many times you'll actually wear the item and how versatile it is before dishing out your hard earned cash. If you can't see yourself wearing it more than once (save wedding/prom dresses) then leave it. If you're still unsure about the buy, sleep on it and come up with your decision the next day.

Ladies, this needs to stop
Skip the Fitting Room
Going into the fitting room can be a bother, but trying on clothes is the only way to ensure you have the perfect fit while saving you time and money. You won't have to drive all the back to the mall to return or exchange ill fitting clothes.

Throw Away the Receipt
This is a major no-no. You should always keep your receipt after making a purchase (not only for the possibilities of discounts) but just in case you have to return an item. Many stores print their return policies on the back of the receipt which tell you under what conditions and how long you can wait before returning an item. Some stores won't even let you make a return anything without a receipt present. There also may be an extra coupon or incentive listed on the back of your receipt as well.  Keep these until the return date passes just in case.

Wrong Size
Don't you just hate going to the mall and seeing a girl wearing clothes that just don't fit? Buying a size 9 skirt when you need a 15 does not make you look smaller, neither will it magically shrink your waist. Buy clothes that fit and make you look good. In other words, no extra spillage or rolls. The same thing goes for baggy clothing. If it looks like two people could fit into your shirt, it's better left on the rack (or in the dumpster). Show off your figure and be proud of your body, no matter what shape it is! Getting clothes that fit will make you look and feel more comfortable.

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  1. Good shopping advices. Sometimes I do make the mistake of buying clothes that I thought was cute at the moment but never get to wear it more than 10 times in a year. Now, I learned my lesson and think 10 times before I buy something just to make sure that I don't buy something that's a waste of money.


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