Awkward College Moments

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Awkward moments afflict 99% of the popuation (the one percent excluded is actually this guy). To help cope with this epidemic, we thought we woud help you get over your own awkward moment by sharing someone elses. Read on, and remember that your awkward moment could have been worse.

I was complaining about my roommate while texting my sister and didn’t realize I had actually sent the text to my roommate by accident.
I walked in on my roommate masturbating. Can you say awkward?

I was taking a shower when I realized I had left my towel on my bed. I didn’t think it was a problem since my roommate had already left for class. When I ran out to grab my towel, my roommate and her boyfriend where sitting on her bed and saw me in all my glory. Nice.

I was using the bathroom at my friends dorm and had a bad case of bubble guts. I don't live on campus, so I didn't know that the walls are paper thin. Or that my friends had forgotten to restock on tissue. I had to wait in the bathroom for thirty minutes whle one of them bought a roll from the store. They still remind me of this everyday.

I invited some friends and guys from the basketball team to hang out in my dorm and watch a movie. One of the guys had ordered a pizza, and when it arrived I offered to get it. I tried to be cute and skip towards the door, but ended up slipping on my shag rugand hitting my head on my bed post. I had a huge knot on my head for a week.

We had a competition in art class, and one of my friend's drawings was chosen as the winner. Everyone was shocked she had actually won. Her picture was definetly not the best.  Another classmate and I were talking about how horrible her drawing was. When we said all we had to say, I notcied that my friend was in front of us the whole time and heard the entire conversation. Needless to say, we weren't friends after that.

Have any awkward stories you'd like to share?

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