Nicki Minaj Performs on The Today Show

1:33 PM

Nicki Minaj backstage with the Fab 5

Nicki Minaj is not a good performer, but I actually like this recent performance of "Starships" on the Today Show.
She comes out in a red catsuit looking like wonder woman, as if she was a stripper. You can see Sparkle star Jordan Sparks jamming along to the performance with the crowd. As with her usually performance of Starships, she never sings the chorus instead she jumps around saying "Hey" the entire time. I'm not mad though, she has to save her vocals for the verses. Lil Kim, excuse me, Nicki Minaj gets a B- on this performance. She also performed "Pound The Alarm". I would put the performance on here, but the songs are so similar I didn't think it matters.

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