Tips on Living with a College Roommate

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Don't end up like this
Fall semester is here (or coming soon)! This means new classes, new professors, and  dealing with new roommates.

If you're going to be living with roommates, whether in a dorm or in an apartment, there are some general rules you need to know and follow to avoid any horrible roommate experiences.

Get to Know Them
You're going to be living with this person for the next year, so you might as well get to know her now.  It's okay if you don't instantly click. Just building a foundation with your roommate will make it easier to talk about any issues you two will have. Always be sure to get your roommates contact information in case you need to reach them.

Rule #1. Stay our of my Bed!
Set Ground Rules
You don't have to do this day one, but try to set some rules during the first week of school. Make your personal boundaries known and discuss how the two of you will handle visitors, chores,and groceries. Setting boundaries now will help you avoid any conflicts in the future.

Don't Be a Slob
Now that you're living with a roommate, you have to remember that you're living in shared space. Walking into the bathroom and seeing a ring around the tub isn't the most welcoming sight in the world. Remember that you're sharing your space with another person, and both of you are responsible for cleaning up behind yourselves. Keep your space clean and hold your roommate accountable to do the same. If you're rooming with a pig, then let them know that they need to do their part in cleaning up. If they still treat your room as a pig sty, then tell whoever is over housing about the situation so it can be resolved.

Don't be Afraid to Move Out
If your roommate is just unbearable to live with, or a better dorm space is open ask to move out. Many universities allow students to switch roommates and dorm rooms as long as there is space available.

It may seem like a cliche rule from grade school, but remembering to treat your roommate the way you want to be treated is a thought to live by. If you respect your roommate, they're more likely to respect you and you can both live in harmony.

What Tips Do You Have On Living With a Roommate?

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  1. yeah if you dont too far from home you could stay at home and have the same roomates youve had your entire life.....downside, you still have to live by your rents rules.

    1. True, you don't have to dish out a grand for a dormroom, but still having chores and a curfew may not sit well with others lol

  2. These tips are so true! My roommate and I got along pretty well my freshman year since we were similar in our habits. But we definitely had some ground rules too!

    1. Glad to know that these tips work, thank you for stopping by Gina!

  3. Thanks for sharing tips. The other thing is you need to be clear and communicative with your roommate. Talk about on issues if something bothering you.


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