Gabby Douglas's Hair Shouldn't Matter

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Have you guys heard of Gabby Douglas? You know Gabby the 16-year-old gymnast, now gold medalist,  who is a beast on the mat, and has the most beautiful smile? Yea that girl. Did you know that despite all of her amazing accomplishments and her inspiring story of how she got there, some people have the nerve to talk about her hair? People have commented that Gabby needs a stylist or hair interventions because she isn't representing black women and their hair correctly. Forget the fact that she is the only black girl on the US gymnastic team, has to compete for our country, and had to beat out her own teammates to get into  the All Around Gymnast Finals, her first and utmost concern should be whether or not her hair is laid down and slick back. Right.

People are failing to realize that Gabby is an athlete. When you see her on the screen she's competing. When she's competing she sweats. As most black women know, sweat makes our hair go back to its natural kinky/curly state. Since I'm sure Gabby - who's been training as a gymnast since she was a small child - has probably figured out that a great hair style didn't land her one of the most coveted positions in the gymnast world. So instead of jeering at her for her hairstyle, let's congratulate her on her gold medal and root her on for her future accomplishments (and hopefully a spot in the 2016 Olympics).

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  1. It seems to be true, and as i tell people all the time; that there is a grave difference between Black people, and "niggas" Black people; are supportive,encouraging,professional and are about change,progress, and positivity ;and trying to contribute any way they can to uplift themselves and the race."Niggas" on the other hand are the total exact opposite and are shallow,close minded,selfish with no sense of self or direction; people of low intelligence who often times don't stand for something yet fall for anything; case and point with the meaningless and irrelevant comments on Gabby Douglass's hair we are talking about a young lady who at 16 years of age has single handedly made sports and Olympic history; and set a new standard for all races and sexes, alike. Gabby is a "beast"; a disciplined professional; and all these "niggas","haters", who at adult ages are uneducated[as at least act it]or undereducated,5 kids by 6 different "baby daddy's or mamas",at the food stamp office each week buggin their worker about their g.r., buggin their Section 8 worker about why their $82.00 rent has gone up to $93.00?; and why can't their "other baby daddy "be on their voucher?...why they gotta take job skills classes to still recieve their g.r., and food stamps?, why their worker is sending them on job interviews that only pay minimun wage ? why their pt job require them to go back to school for additional education and training in order to be a full time employee;"niggas" complain Obama isn'nt doing enough and the "White man" is holding me down"..., get my point? leave this young successful [at 16] Woman alone about her hair??? and support and be proud as a race that she [as well as other Black athletes]are afforded the opportunity to be a part of such a exclusive and prestigious event; and be glad she's not the "new normal" of young Black youngsters , whos biggest claim to fame is at 16/17 y.o. they got their kids into Crystal Stairs lol or they score high on DiabloIII,or with their thumbs glued to their iphon key pad all day or what set who is from and ducking bullets [thinking that is normal] everyday, or... they getting another piercing in their face to go with the other 10 lol...etc etc etc; HOWEVER the girls hair looks now TRUST!!! when the Olympics are over she WILL be ABLE to call up Stylist, to the STARS; KIM KIMBLE to take care of WHATEVER, hair issue she may or may not have, and make her "Red Carpet"ready; and she does'nt have to get the home girl; Boshanda the unlicensed beautician that be doin hair in her mamas kitchen to "hook her up" lollol smh; we got a long long long ways to go "2012 Black people" and it seems that EVERY other race "gets it" ,but us. L.J.[Los Angeles}

  2. Malcolm X, Dr. King, Booker T. Washington, W.E. Dubois and other intelligent black males, no doubt, would turn over in their graves to hear their work for the advancement of African-Americans has been degraded to speaking about an Olympic champion’s hair. Willie Lynch, on the other hand would love it.

    Of all the comments that have been made about Gabby’s beautiful hair, few have looked at it from the perspective that many black females are ignorant about the beauty and care of our own natural hair. We love paying compliments to women of other races by stating we want our hair just like theirs. Whose to say that black hair is inferior. To my knowledge, we are the only people that can wear our hair four ways: dreads, afro, curly and straight. Our hair isn’t near as kinky as our brains. We need to appreciate the beauty of our own hair and stop passing from one generation to the next that straight hair is the thing.

    What would be interesting is to see the women who commented on her hair. Nine of ten are probably fat and out of shape because they don't want to get their hair messed up by exercising; thereby creating a bigger problem of obseity and other unnecessary health issues that plague the black community such as high blood pressure and diabetics.

    Black women really do need to get a grip and stop this foolishness about good hair, kinky hair, weave and concentrate on larger issues that would make them better parents and people; teach our daughters about lady-like conduct and raise sons that are fit to marry and can stay out of prison.
    Futher, more emphasis should be placed on getting other African- Americans in sports where few of us participate or dare tread.

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