How to Do it Gangnam Style

7:56 PM

Since we shared GDragon’s new video One of a Kind, we thought it only right to introduce you Psy, another YG artist who's been making waves this month. Psy has been getting lots of love for his viral hit Gangnam Style. The video has gained over 50million views on Youtube,been spotted in various American news sources, and inspired countless covers and parodies online.

One quick look at the video will reveals why it's so popular. The video is hilarious, the dancing is crazy, and the sound is easy to get addicted to. 4Minute’s Hyuna also makes a cameo in the video, and even released her own female version of the song called Oppa is Just My Style. Even people who don’t like KPop are listening to the song and copying the dance. Check out the videos below!

  Check out Hyuna's version!

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