Is your Guy a Prince or a Frog?

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Every girl wants a Prince Charming in her life, and finding the right guy can sometimes mean going through many, many frogs. Yet, there are some ladies who are so desperate for a relationship they make themselves believe they've found Mr. Right when their guy is Mr. Wrong. Here are a few dead giveaways to help you find out if your guy needs to be tossed back into the mud.


If he truly cares for you, he’ll be able to control himself around other girls and not stray. But if your guy is repeatedly hooking up or straying from the relationship, then let him go. He’s obviously not ready to settle down and be in a real relationship. So move on to something new.

He blows your date night, so he can hang out with his friends. He openly flirts with other girls in front of you, and doesn't even acknowledge you as his girlfriend? Um, no ma'am! If he treats you like a lady in private, but is a complete douche when you guys are in public, then this guy needs to go! A guy should treat you with respect. Allowing him to treat you this way will make it seem like you consent to his actions, and will make you think that this type of treatment is acceptable in the long run. Tell him to get it together, or kick him to the curb if he doesn't comply.

No Drive
If your guy is not actively trying to do something with his life then he doesn't need to be in yours. You don't want to date a guy who doesn't have any ambition. He has no job (and isn't looking for one) doesn't want/or plan to go to school, is never concerned with his future, and is always looking to you for handouts. Give this loser the door. His lazy habits could rub off on you and your own ambitions might be put to the side.

Verbal/Physical Abuse
This is the number one penalty that deserves an immediate break up. No one who claimed that they loved you would ever put your physical health at risk. If your boyfriend has ever hit, harmed, or hurt you in anyway then get out of the relationship immediately. Ladies, abuse isn’t just physical – verbally tearing you down is just another form of abuse. If you need help getting out of this relationship, tell a trusted family member or counselor for help. You can also call 1-800-799-SAFE

Have Any Other Reasons You Should Dump a Guy/Girl? Give us your list in the comments!

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