Ayo Jin, Where You At?

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Anyone who watched 106&Park's rap battle segment Freestyle Friday in the early 2000s may remember Jin, the young Chinese rapper who surprised everyone on the show with his witty rhymes and flow. After defeating his competition and becoming the Champ, Jin signed a deal with Ruff Ryder Records and his career began to take off. His debut album The Rest is History peaked as number fifty-four on the Bill Board's R&B/HipHop and received great reviews. Then in 2005 Jin split from his label and announced that he was taking a break from the industry.

If you've ever wondered what happened to him, don't stress too much over his absence. Jin is alive and still creating music, but his lyrics carry a different message than his earlier songs. Instead of rapping about the women he gets or how much money he has, Jin is using his lyrical skills to win souls for God. You read that right. He went back to his roots and recommitted his life to Christ. Currently residing in Hong Kong, he comes to America on occasion to host school conferences and concerts. He's released many songs through the internet, a Chinese album, and is working on an upcoming film along with an American album. Jin's new single "Shoot for the Moon" dropped June 6th and he's already pumped to release the video. Don't sleep on Jin. His rhymes are still as tight as ever and his fanbase is growing daily.

To catch up with Jin, check out his website and subscribe to his YouTube channel for the latest updates of his music.

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