Kim Kardashian Slams Cheating Rumors + Lawsuit against Tabloid Magazine

2:54 PM

Many rumors have popped up in the wake of Kim Kardashians engagement with NBA player Kris Humphries , but none of them hit home like the new story being run by In Touch Weekly. The tabloid magazine reported that Kim was having a secret relationship with a football named Bret Lockett . Bret, who had an exclusive interview with the tabloid, says that he and Kim were in a five month relationship. The two would talk over the phone and send steamy texts to each other.

Kim fought back on her website's blog saying she's never even heard of the guy, let alone met him. She also slammed allegations that her friend London Lauren introduced the two.

The starlet also wrote "I'll be damned if anyone, let alone some loser I've never even heard of true to come between me and Kris". Closing the article Kim stated that she would be taking legal actions against both the magazine and Bret Lockett.

Lets all hope that the truth comes out and Kim is able to get her name cleared from this scandal!

*Kim edited the blog and took out of the above quote and added more information to the post.*

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