Katy Perry Reveals "Last Friday Night:" Trailer

5:38 PM

 Many words come to mind when you think of Katy Perry, but I bet nerdy is definitely not one that came to mind. Now that's all about to change with the release of the trailer for her new single "Last Friday Night". In the trailer, Katy tones her sex appeal way down and gives fans a look at Kathy Beth Terry, her nerdy alter ego.

Kathy seems to be the complete opposite of
Katy. Her hair is major is undone, she wears huge bifocals, and of course braces complete the look.No glamorous makeup or clothe made out of food for this girl. Instead she wears turtleneck shirts, and clothing that would might have come from a librarians closet.

Kathy is also in need of friends, which is why she wants everyone to like her on Facebook.

 You can see Kathy in the "Friday Night" video when it premieres everywhere June 14, 2011.

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