Single Ladies Better than The Game?

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Charity Shea, Stacy Dash, and Lisa Raye Maccoy are the stars of VH1's new show Single Ladies,

Monday night VH1 premiered their new scripted series "Single Ladies" to a much and a few haters. The show focuses on three women living their lives in Atlanta and living in (or soon to be) singledom. There's Val (Stacy Dash) a very successful and beautiful woman who finds herself single after pushing her man to an ultimatum . April, played by (Charity Shea) is married to a successful man, but just can't keep her hands off of the city's mayor, who's played by Common. Keisha  (Lisa Raye McCoy) doesn't believe in love and keeps a few brothers in her pocket just in case.

The Good: The men! Good Lord, the men in this show were on point! I was so surprised at all of the good looking fellas. No doubt they'll have a lot more eye candy in the next episodes. Common as Mayor of Atlanta. Enough said.

Problems: The first show seemed to rely too heavily on celebrity appearances. I found myself paying more attention to the stars than the actual storyline. Hopefully they choose to tone it down in the next episodes.

The first episode moved too quickly. This wouldn't have been a problem if the viewers were able to actually tell how much time had passed in the show. What I thought elapsed in only a matter of days turned out to happen over months! I was highly confused on a lot of points, like how Val found out she was pregnant when she had only slept with the possible baby dad(dies) a few days ago.

The acting seemed forced at times. All of the ladies had experience in some form of TV series, but I guess stepping back into the primetime took a little getting used too. Lisa Raye's acting seemed forced.Seemed to be trying too hard as well. Hopefully the ladies were be able to get their game together in the later episodes.
 Overall  I give this show a 3.5 out of five.
Despite the problems, Single Ladies is definitely one show that the crew and I will continue watching.The drama and storyline are good, but the acting and countless selebrity cameos need to go. The drama , characters, and storyline pulled me in and kept mewanting more. If the writers over there at The Game don't watch out, they're fans will be swept like the Lakers. Be sure to catch episodes of Single Ladies on VH1 10/9 central. Be sure to follow us on Twitter so we can live chat about the show!

Single Ladies airs Monday nights at 8/9central

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