Author Sara Shephard Has Another Show Base on Her Book

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Sara Shephard has a lot to add to her resume right now. Her new book "The Lying Game," is now a upcoming T.V show that will air on ABC Family in August. I'm pretty sure you all have heard about her other books turn hit T.V show called "Pretty Little Liars."
"The Lying Game" tells a story about two twin sisters name Emma and Sutton who is played by actress Alexandra Chando. Sutton was adopted by wealthy parents, while Emma, who was not adopted, discovers she has a twin sister. After meeting each other Sutton tells Emma to live in her life for a few days, while she searches for their identical mother. Little did Sutton know that Emma knew the real reason why they were separated. Emma now is in a terrible predicament when Sutton does not show up for their next meeting, she is afraid that if she tells the truth she might put herself into danger.
Do you think this will be a great show, or am I the only one who thinks this show seems a lot like "Pretty Little Liars"?

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