MoA Will Never Do English Covers Of 2NE1 Again

10:00 AM

Recently, I was on YouTube looking for new MoA versions of 2ne1 songs. MoA (melody of angel) does many 2ne1 English covers that both Tara and I are fans of. However, I could not find her YouTube page. So, I decided to go on a different user account that uploaded one of her covers and read comments saying she deleted her YouTube page. I was confused on why this happened. I later discovered this article that explains why she deleted her YouTube account.
The article tells how many of MoA fans praised her "Lonely" cover of 2ne1, however ,someone said "Google First Aid Kit', to reveal MoA identity". First Aid Kit is a group that MoA, whose real name is Johanna, and her sister Klara are in, both from Sweden. They did a cover of Fleet Foxes Mountain Pleasant song which got them a record deal. After that comment, MoA deleted her account, because it is illegal for an artist to be signed to a major label covering and using their instruments without buying the rights to do so. There's a reason why MoA deleted her account and the article tells how she wants everyone to delete her covers that other users uploaded. This may be the end of MoA. It's sad that she had to end this way.

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  1. oh my god, I'm going to die, only today i discover moa, and then this thing happens., OH NO., thank's for sharing..

  2. You're Welcome. I think all of MoA fans we're sad hearing about this. Here's a new post I did about her:

  3. I love MoA!!Make more eng covers!! T__T

  4. what a shame, she really really did amazings 2NE1 english covers

  5. this is BEYOND frustrating. Had she done a cover for "I Am The Best" I WOULD BE SORTA SATISFIED!!! Ugh, tis one of my favorite 2NE1 songs and I woulda been so happy to hear it covered by her!! Siiiiighhhh....

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