Romeo and Cymphonique Miller Reveal New Videos

11:59 PM

Romeo and Cymphonique Miller have brand new music videos. The two siblings appeared on 106&Park to officially reveal their new videos. So because I love you guys so much, and like to see my thoughts in words, I've decided to share my thoughts on both of them.

The first one is Romeo's new song "Scheduled Appointment". The song isn't as great as I had hoped it would be. I feel as if the video could have been done in a more personal fair, with Romeo showing his affections to just one woman. Instead we see him in the video flaunting around his tightened body while girls dance
seductively behind him. Romeo's impromptu floor humping at the end was worth a rewind but for all the wrong reasons. And what's up with the baby oil? Well, even Beyonce has come out with less than thrilling projects.

Cymphonique's new song "Something" seems to be a sort of remake of "Something in Your Heart" by Michel'le. The video is intimate and personal as the video mainly focuses on her as she sings over her crush and the "Something" that he posesses that makes her like him. The two are not afraid of making their loyalties to the family's label as she proudly wears a necklace that says "No Limit Forevor" encircling the label's trademark army tank. Listen to hte song, and keep your eyes on this girl! She will be premiering in a new television called How to Rock with will premiere on Nickelodeon sometime next year!

PS. My views don't reflect the views of the rest of the staff.
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