Hottie On The Look Out: Elliot Knight

12:00 PM

This hottie on the look out is way overdue. Out of all the previous hotties Elliot Knight may very well be the best for me. The things I like about him are his age, he's only three years older than me, his birthday, he's born July 10 while I'm born July 2, so we're both cancers. I also like his smile, hair, skin color, the list goes on with this guy.  Let's not forget his name. My Knight and shining armor came to rescue me. Did I forget to mention he's British, I always wanted to date a British guy.

He recently appeared on How To Get Away With Murder, and I almost had a panic attack. How I discover this cutie is through my mom she was watching him on Sindbad and told me about him, and once I saw him I stalked him. I now follow him on Twitter and Instagram.  I just wish I could meet a guy in college that looks half as good as him. Elliot Knight will be my fantasy guy. 

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