My Favorite Horror Movies

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What movies gave you nightmares as a child? I've been watching horror films ever since I was a kid and I can't stay away from them. I do try to stay away from the demon based horrors as much as possible, but a few have slipped through the cracks. Here's a list of the films I still have to watch with the lights on.

The Conjuring
Anything that starts off as "based on a true story" gives me a chill down my back. You'd never want to think that the crazy events happening on your screen like possession could really take place in the real world. That's one reason why The Conjuring is such a good film. When a family moves to a new home in Connecticut, strange things start to happen and they call a demonologist to help.


The Eye 2
I've been seeing reviews that this film isn't as scary as the original one (which was remade into The Eye, starring Jessica Alba) but this film still scared me. This story follows Joey, a woman in a very fragile state of mind who tries to commist suicide after breaking up with her boyfriend. After her failed attempts, she goes to Hong Kong where she realizes she can now see the dead and she's pregnant. She believes that the spirits she sees are trying to harm her unborn baby.

The Audition
One thing I love about Asian Horror films is that most of the ones I've watched tend to be more psychological than anything. The Audition is a perfect example of this. The film is about a Japanese television exect who holds a fake movie audition to find a girlfriend. He eventually finds a woman he likes and begins to date her. But then things start to go downhill from there. I don't want to spoil anything here, but this film left me wondering what was real and throughly creeped out after watching.

Nightmare on Elm Street
Who wasn't afraid of Freddy Kreuger when they were younger? This dream stalker would always make an appearance in my nightmares, and I blame my older cousin for introducing me to him at such a young age. There's nothing like a killer who attacks when you're most vulnerable and can't escape- your dreams. Most of the pre millenial films are the scariest, and many horror movie lovers will claim NoES4 is the best of the series. Just don't ask me- I quit this series a long time ago!

What's your favorite horror movie? 

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  1. Yes! The Conjuring is one of the best scary movies I've seen in a very long time. And of course A Nightmare On Elm Street will always have a special place in my heart ;)


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