How NOT to Lose yourself in a relationship

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Love is such a beautiful thing. Finding someone who always makes you happy and getting lost in their eyes. You'll find yourself spending lots of time with this person and even doing things alike. But you don't want to turn into a completely different person just because you're dating someone new. Here are my tips to make sure that you don't lose yourself when you're dating a new guy.

Separation is good for the soul

You always see those couples who look like they're attached at the hip and can't breathe without each other. It's all cute when you do see them-until they're both glued to the phones during an girl/guys only event. Spend sometime alone or with friends to keep up your other relationships and keep things in perspective. Let each other breathe! You'll be able to reconnect with your friends, family, and spend time doing what you enjoy doing.

Get a hobby

Find something that you truly enjoy and makes you happy, even if he's not into it. Try photography, or rock climbing, or even sewing. Something to help you find your own strengths and take pride in.

Know where you stand

This can mean knowing your boundaries when it comes to sex or even knowing that you don't like World of War Craft. Don't change yourself or your opinions to align more with his beliefs.
Is this for you or him

The chances you're going to be dating a guy who may not have the same taste for you. Know matter what you do, always make sure you are doing things because you want to do them, not because they make him happy.

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