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Procrastination is an art form. It may look like laziness to some or a complete lack of organization to others, but being a Procrastinator takes a lot of work, especially if you're doing it right. The one thing that I tend to procrastinate the most on are essays. I've wasted countless hours before my due date on my computer typing up a paper and getting a passing grade on it. These are my tips on procrastinating on essays like a boss.

You cannot be a good procrastinator and expect to barely pass without doing a little work beforehand. I know that doesn't sound right, but bare with me.
For example, if I'm putting off an essay for English I don't do everything at the very last minute. Before the assignment I already know what my main topic is, and usually have some trust worthy sources to look towards for quotes when I do finally begin writting. That way, I am not completely scrambling to write my seven page paper the night before and some of the work has been done.

Use Quotes and Explain them
Quotes are usually a requirement in most papers, And are great page fillers. Teachers know we use them to get to our page limit so it's important to use them correctly. Make sure your quote is helping to support your argument and explain quotes if you have to. And do not forget to cite any work you use in your paper.

Great friends
Always have a few pairs of extra eyes handy for you. I would always go to my school's essay writing center for pointers when pulling in a last minute paper. The English majors who worked there would always give me great advice on what key points I overlooked, did not clarify, and point out any flaws I had in my paper. If you don't have a writing center at school, ask a friend to look over your paper for you. 

Depending on how last minute you are working on your paper, you can always ask your professor to look over part or all of your work. Just have since enough not to go to the professor the day before.
 If none of these work for you, copy and paste part of your essay into Google translate and have it read it back to you.

Back up Plans
Of course no plan is ever fool proof, so having a backup is a must. In case things go south and you don't do as well on the last minute draft/final paper, make sure you attend class. Participation points can sometimes be a cushion for an unexpected low grade. And being in class will help fuel your brain on topics or key points to discuss in your paper.

If you have been tuned out of class for a while and decided to join at the very last minute, here are a few tips you should know.

Sparknotes is your best friend.
This site is the tested and true website for all of us lazy English student who didn't have time to read all the assignments and need to write about them.  It will help you get summaries of the main chapters/acts of a work, give you the main themes, and even point out important text/quote from the work as well. It has been a great last minute resource for me, even though I do recommend reading the actual material if you have time.

Spell Check
Nothing has killed me more on a paper than misspelled words. Its is a dead giveaway to your professor that your work is rushed and you will get major points docked for it. I even had one professor who automatically failed papers with more than three misspelled or grammatically incorrect papers. So use that spell checker and re-read your paper before you preparing press submit!

Ask around
Stuck on how to start or finish a class paper or other assignment? Asking your classmates  about their papers could help you get ideas for yours. Just don't copy their work or you could get in trouble for plagiarism.

Go to Class
Again, participation points matter. Teachers like to see you making an effort, and the more they see your face in class the more likely they are to help you when you run into a crunch. These points will give you a little extra cushion for potential low marks and teachers are more willing to throw a bone to students who care enough to come to class. 

Procrastinate responsibly and good luck!

Have you ever had to work on a paper or another assignment at the last minute? What did you do to make things go more smoothly? What would you recommend in the future?

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