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Not all roommate stories have to be bad.  I learned this on my own this summer when I stayed in Korea and had to share my room with a girl I had never met before. I was already expecting to have a language barrier, since she was from China, and maybe even a few feuds based on our different ways of living, but things actually went pretty smoothly.  My roommate was a sweet woman from China who was really nice, loved to take selfies, and shopping for beauty products. We got along pretty well and was one of my favorite people from the program. We didn't bicker over property, or argue about cleaning, everything was really calm and easy between us. Of course everyone's roommate experience is different, which is why I wanted to ask others about how they lived with their roommate.

I Found My Bestfriend

After my house got broken into my junior year, I decided that for my senior year I didn't want to be in that house anymore. I moved into a two bedroom apartment with one of the seniors that was on my team. It was really nice because she was a fifth year senior so sometimes I would be away for practice or games which would give us time apart. We had such a great balance of time that we never ran into a reason to fight with one another. We had a great time together and she, to this day, is my best friend. The thing that I think made living together so great was our balance of time - times when we were inseparable and times when we had our own space to do our own things.
~Jaclyn of A Destination TBD 

Psychic Connection

Before winter break our senior year, my roommate and I invited people over for a Christmas party. During the party, she went to the kitchen. I knew what she was looking for, so from the couch I shouted to tell her where to find it. We proceeded to discuss what we had, how much more we needed, where to find the corkscrew, and how to use it. When we finished, everyone else had stopped talking and was staring at us. We hadn’t finished any of our sentences and used more gestures than words. We seemed completely crazy to the rest of our friends, but we understood each other perfectly.
~Elizabeth of Life of Lovely 

Everyones roommate experience will be different,
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