Having a Cancelled Class Is Not All Fun in Games

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Imagine your professor decides to cancel class for the first time in the semester. You feel excited because maybe you can sleep in later, or go home earlier. Now, imagine if that same professor teaches two of your classes. You guess it, you now have two cancelled classes. You are even more excited by the thought of doing nothing. All of sudden, your professor cancel classes for two weeks. For two weeks you only have two classes to go to, both are easy classes. Then reality starts to sit in, you realize that there is nothing to do. You've done all the things you needed to do from sleeping in, going home early, and staying up late watching shows on Netflix. This very thing happen to me. I was so happy about the cancelled classes, but I soon became bored. Here are some of the things I've done during this boring time.

    Playing Kim Kardashian's Hollywood 


      I usually don’t get into mainstream hype, but Kim Kardashian's Hollywood game was the first game I’ve played that was popular. I’m now an A list celebrity and married according to Kim's game. Random thought: I find it extremely funny that Kim calls herself an A list celebrity on the game. In what world is Kim Kardashian an A list celebrity? I guess it’s only in the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game.   
         I'm  Enjoying Off Campus Life… Sort Of  

       I'm living off campus and I love my townhouse. I swear it’s like I’m on Bet’s College Hill because the townhouse is so beautiful. Despite the beauty of the townhouse, I’m still left bored on the weekends. You see, I don’t have a car, and my only transportation is taking the shuttle buses. The shuttle buses do not run on the weekends, so once Friday hits I’m stuck in the townhouse the whole weekend.  My roommates work on the weekends, and most of my friends are overseas or car-less.  Because of the boredom on the weekend, I actually look forward to Mondays

       Having Second Thoughts

 I’m taking a Feature Writing and Magazine class, and the book for the class gives great tip on coming up with topic ideas and choosing the right angle for an article. I love the tips, but whenever I would come up with a topic for the blog, I would always second-guess myself. Sometimes I think the topic is too broad, or I struggle to find a tighter angle. 



 I recently found a new love for cooking. I thought I would hate cooking meals, but I actually enjoy it. Cooking is the one thing I look forward  to once I get home. Some of the meals I cook include tuna spaghetti, sounds gross but it’s good, and Korean barbecue 

    Movie Night

 Every other Wednesday, I spend it with my roommates watching a movie. It is sort of our tradition since last year. Some of the movies we’ve watch were Let’s Be Cops, No Good Deed, and The Maze Runner.  \

 Gossip Girl

 I have an addiction to gossip sites. Don’t ask why, but I spend hours on some gossip sites.

   Over the weekends when my homework was limited, I would read a few books from the library. I just finish reading Ali’s Pretty Little Secrets by Sara Shepard, and I’m almost done with Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler.

    Loving Life 

Despite being bored, I wouldn't trade it. I’m not a party girl or a social butterfly, so I guess I brought most of the boredom on myself.  Either way I’m learning to enjoy my own company and not depending on others to keep me entertain. I've realize that I work better on a heavy workload because it forces me to do more.

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