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8:55 AM

I have been going app crazy for the last few months. From fun and games to apps to help me in class, I have been downloading apps more than usual. These are the apps that I've been really into lately!

I like this app way more than Pandora because I have so many different options for music. You can create your own radio just like other radio station apps and can also add which artists you want to include, ban songs from being played on that station, and even edit the popularity options on the app as well. I am annoyed that the app does not have a wider range of Kpop or Jpop options (read, not many artists I care about) and ban in a song on one station doesn't get it banned in another. And for some reason my Beyoncé station doesn't play as many Beyoncé songs as I want.


We already wrote about Swagbucks once, but I haven't been getting into it until this summer. This app is great for getting gift cards to a stores like Wal-Mart, Kohl's, Paypal and more. I have been able to get about four giftcards a month from using and mainly prefer the Wal-Mart and Amazon giftcards. We'll try to write more about our progress with Swagbucks soon.

Ninja Love+

I never thought I would enjoy a dating game ever, but Ninja Love is so much fun! I love the animation and seeing where my love story will go. The only thing I hate is that it takes 220minutes to regain energy. The storyline is a bit corny, but it's so fun to play.

This app is great for anyone who is studying another language! I have been using this to refresh myself on the lessons I learned in my beginner Spanish class. It is basically a game to help you put your Spanish skills to use.  It gives you reminders to practice everyday vie emails or phone notifications. Duolingo helps you improve on your speaking and writing (although the speaking option is kinda faulty). There are options for German, Portuguese, and French as well.

Dodal App Launcher

I wrote about this earlier in previous post, but I recently re-downloaded and still love it! It makes it so much easier to change the theme of my phone and I change it to reflect my mode. Currently my favorite theme is the space theme shown abovel. The best part of this is that you can find many cute themes for free!

Kakao Talk

I have been using this app to keep up with all my friends I met in South Korea this summer. We created a group message and come in every now and then to give everyone updates on our lives and keep in touch. There also a call option on the app as well, but I haven't bothered to use it.

What apps have you been using lately?

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  1. We just tried the 'Heads Up!' app/game last night. It was SO fun!


    1. It really is! I had that app in my last app roundup, and it's great to play at parties Thanks for stopping by Julia!

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