CL's The Baddest Female is on FIRE!

3:01 PM

It's been a good while since we heard anything new from any of the members from 2NE1. The YG camp has been pretty busy promoting Psy and GD, while our favorite ladies from 2NE1 have been laying low. Now, YG has released a monster of a song from the group's fearless leader,CL , that is going to have fans abusing the replay button.
The single "The Baddest Female" is so in line with CL and her onstage persona. It's effortlessly cool, and hip. I was already dancing when the beat started playing and CL began rapping. I won't lie, I was a little worried about how CL's single was going to turn out. I thought she'd waste no time  pulling out all the stunts and crazy antics, but she kept it relatively tame. The video does remind me of something GD would do, but seeing as they're in the same company and work together it's to be expected. Either way, I'm really loving this song.

Does this song have what it takes to be your summer jam?

Photo Source: 2NE1 Facebook

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  1. Not a huge fan of KPop, but this song was decent. I'm not sure it will be my summer tune...but I did enjoy trying out something new!

    ♥, Em (

    1. It's great to try something new every now and then. There area lot of different sounds to kpop, so maybe another group or artist might catch your ear. Thanks for the visit Emma :)


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