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Finals are over, now it's time to recap some of the highlights of my second year in college. If  I can describe my second year in one word, it will be effort.  I must say that I have put an effort to try different tasks this year. Some of them did not go as plan, but it helps  me to accept disappointment and face my fears. A while back I posted a few goals that I've hoped to accomplish this year, and some I did attempt to try while other are left behind.

I Join The School Newspaper... Sorta

Okay. I must admit, I'm a selfish writer. Which means I only prefer to write about topics that I find interesting. When I talk to the staff of the school newspaper, they inform me about the different sections of the newspaper I can work. There is "Sports"- which I don't like. Then there is "Arts"- which is pretty interesting, but the only section  I can write for is the Variety section. The "Variety" section can place anything that doesn't fit in the other sections in its area. I want to do a column called "Girl Talk". I want to make it similar to Carrier Bradshaw's "Sex in the City" column on the show Sex in The City. So I've written this great article, which you can view here, but the problem with the article is the editing. I understand  most newspapers edit articles, but I didn't recognize my article at all. In fact, it wasn't my article. I felt bad about it. I even asked the editor what I did wrong. I can't remember what she said, but I know she said it is good, but offensive.  After that I did not try anything else for the newspaper because I am embarrass to go back.

I Join The School's Radio Station

Joining the school's radio station is not a goal of mines.  In fact, I did not know my school have a radio station. I join the radio station in the spring semester. I haven't  done  much yet, but the man who hired me as a volunteer intern said I can come back fall of next year.

No Boys, No Drama

I can't believe one of my goals is to have a boyfriend.  I did not get a boyfriend my second year, but everyone around me did. All of my friends are in relationships, or interested in a guy. The problem this year is I did not find one guy that I liked... except one, but that did not work out.  Maybe a year or  two from now, love will find me.

I've Met New Friends.

So I did meet two new people. One, I've  already know, but never talk to before. The other is just as obsessed with Koreans as I am.

I've Tried Out For Resident Assistant (R.A)

Do I need to go over that embarrassment again? If you want to read the full story click here. There are parts of the R.A interview that are so tedious. The interview is a group interview that is about two hours long.  It may sound long, but it actually went by fast. One of my friends is an alternative which means if any current R.A quits or graduates she can take their place as an R.A.  I wanted free room because that's one of the joys of being an R.A, but instead they place me in an expensive dorm. However, I am recently reassigned to a cheaper dorm which I am happy about.


This year I've spent a lot of time at the movie theater. If you really know me, you will know that I hardly ever go to the movies. I just wait until it comes out on T.V or DVD. The only reason I went to the movie theater is  because of the student discount.


Two words: I'm addicted.

My Summer Resolution

I hope to find a job. I hope to have fun, for once, during summer break. I'm no longer drinking soft drinks in the summer except twice every two months. I will also not eat as much. Yep, I'm going on a diet. Eating burgers, pizza, and fries takes a toll on me.  I will start eating more salads and fruits. I also plan to wake up early everyday after my first week back. I plan on waking up at 9:30 AM. I know some of you think that's a late time, but I usually wake up at 11:00 or noon. I'm also looking for scholarships over the summer.

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  1. No boys is a good thing. You can stay focused. :) I came in via the Southern Girls Blogging Community. Enjoyed your recap of your second year of college.


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