Crazy Ways People Pay Tuition pt.1

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Here's a no brainier for college students: tuition is expensive as heck. Every year tuition continues to go up pushing some students to hustle up the money in some really crazy ways. We research some of the ways people have paid for tuition and want to share them with you. Before we start, we'd just like to say that these are some ways students have/are paying for tuition. We aren't encouraging any of them. Especially not the first.

Sugar Daddies
Ever thought of getting a rich guy to pay for your tuition in exchange for friendship? Reports have been buzzing about college girls seeking wealthy men to help pay for their college tuition and other expenses. Websites are springing up that help sugar daddies meet sugar babies. The sites are meant to sell companionship, but as one sugar baby admits, the physical side of the relationship is discussed later. Although it seems that these sights mainly target college women, there are also options for men to find a sugar mama as well.

Virginity Auctions
Remember the buzz that started a few years ago when a Sacramento student made headlines when she tries to sell her virginity?  Well she is just one of many girls who have the same idea. It seems that many men are willing to spend big for a chance to be the first.

Take it 

Some people ask God to help with money problems, but I'm sure not many people think to steal from Him. One pastor decided that he will use church funds to help him pay for his kids tuition. Without the church's permission. He reportedly is accused of misappropriated as much as $32,900 from his church's trust fund.

Ain't too proud to beg

What's a student to do when you get into your dream college but can't cover the tuition? Well, ask your friends and family to ask their friends and family ,of course. That's what Max Stephens did when he realized he still needed money to help pay the other half of his tuition at NYU. The letter is sent out to many people and Stephens even found his story on Yahoo and Time!

Stephens isn't the only student who's sought help from strangers. Debt wary students have set up blogs, begged on the street, and asks family and friends to help them foot the bill. There's even a website that you can sign up for that gets you connected to people who want to  help you pay your tuition.

Don't worry, we'll have other crazy ways to pay tuition in an up coming post. Stay tuned! 

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  1. Intresting post but so true some do resort to sugar daddies

    1. Funny thing is, there's a billboard advertising them in a city near us. Thanks for the visit Trina!

  2. In this economy and as expensive as college is, I can't say I'd judge anyone for resorting to these! It's a shame most are in debt for many, many years after the college experience has ended!

    1. You've got it there ! College is way expensive, but I would never do some of these things . . . but to each their own

    2. and thanks for the visit Desiree!


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