Should You Join A Sorority/ Fraternity?

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Greek life may be one of the most defining aspects of college. Many of you may dream of joining a Sorority or Fraternity before entering college, but there are a few things you need to think about before you join.

It's Never Too Late:

You do not have to join your first year in college. In fact, some of my high school friends joined their sophomore and junior year. I think this is a great idea because your freshman year should give you the opportunity to research and ask others opinions about the Sorority or Fraternity of your interest.

It's Not About Friends

Not to be mean, but a lot of people join because they want friends. Being apart of Greek life is a great way to meet friends, but you can also meet friends outside of Greek life. It may not be as easy, but it is doable.  So think of other reasons why you want to join.

It Costs Money

Like all things in life, going Greek comes at a price. It costs a lot of money to live in a Sorority or Fraternity house as well as all the other expenses you will have to pay. Before you join, talk with your parents to see if you can handle the expense.

Don't Let Race Be An Issue

Just because a Greek organization is predominantly black or white does not mean you can't join. I've seen a few black people join Sororities and Fraternities that are majority white and vice versa for white people. If you really want to join, do it. As long as you're willing to do the work, and are dedicated to the cause you should be a shoo in. Think about it this way, they may need the diversity.


Wearing Greek letters cannot and will not make you popular. Some people join because of the jackets or clothes that are worn in that particular Sorority/ Fraternity. Some think it's a great way to continue the popularity they once had in high school.

I'll meet more guy/girls

There are some people who only date within the Greek system, but do you really want to be with someone who only likes you because what you're apart of? There are plenty of people on campus and off that you can meet without having to go Greek. You should meet people who will want to be with you for who you are not what letters are on your back.

Reasons You Shouldn't Join

 Here's an awesome video on some of the wrong reasons people join a the Greek life that can be applied to all sororities and fraternities. Check it out.

If you have any more advice to add, feel free to comment

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