Selena Gomez "Come and Get It"

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We know we're late with this music review of Selena Gomez's song "Come and Get", but it's better late than never. After seeing Selena's performances at this year's Billboard Music Awards, we can not help but like the song. Many people are bashing Selena's performances on Twitter, saying it looks similar to a  high school production and she can't sing live. We felt bad for her.
We can agree that Demi Lovato beats Selena in a sing off, but in Selena's defense it really looks like she is nervous when she performs.  We can't recall her performing at any other American music award show. She even tweeted about being nervous a few days before the performance. Even though the performance isn't  the best, the song is pretty catchy. The song is Indian inspired with Selena doing a small Indian dance. It's hard imagining Selena trying to be sexy especially since she has a baby face. See if you like the song as well.

 Here's her performances at the Billboard Music Award Show

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