Pretty Little Liars Twisted Book Review

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I know I'm late with this book review. I remember telling you all about Sara Shepard releasing a new book call Twisted, but I never got a chance to read it until now. First, many fans are disappointed with the book release of Twisted because many thought that the eighth book, Wanted, is a great way to end the Pretty Little Liars series. I cannot agree with them anymore. I've read books 1-8 and thought the series ended good, but part of me wants the story to continue.

I am thrilled that Shepard finally releases the ninth book. After reading the book, it is everything I like about the Pretty Little Liars series and more. The story is definitely twisted, as the title suggests. If you've never read a Pretty Little Liars book, you're in luck because this book will not be confusing for new readers. Shepard explains events that happens in previous books to help refresh the memory of those who've forgotten and those who have  never read a Pretty Little Liar book. The book starts off with the four girls, Emily, Spencer, Hanna, and Aria, in Jamaica on a spring break trip. This vacation is a great way for them to put the past behind them. However, the girls did something unforgettable in Jamaica. This trip eventually creates more secrets that will cause another A to haunt them one year later.

Emily-    Emily is a down to earth type of girl. She is the one character that I have the most sympathy for in this book. She hides a big secret from her parents. Although she can easily be voted most athletic in a school's year book, she quits swimming for a while without any explanation. After leaving Jamaica, the girls do not speak to each other, leaving Emily alone and friendless. She finally meets a friend, Chloe, but Chloe's dad ruins their friendship.

Aria- Aria's story line is my least favorite for some reason, but this time around she has a page turner story. First, her boyfriend's parents allow a foreign exchange student from Finland, Klaudia, to live with them. All is well between the two for a moment, but soon Aria's jealousy takes over.

 Spencer- My favorite of the bunch did not deal with the usual family drama . Tensions between her sister, Melissa, are ceased. Although her parents are no longer together, her mom finds someone new. Now, Spencer has to deal with her mom's new boyfriend's children.

 Hanna- Hanna's father is now running for Senator of Pennsylvania. Hanna is not thrilled because she does not have the best relationship with her dad and he favors her stepsister Kate. This time around, Hanna is the golden girl to her dad. However, Hanna did something that can ruin her dad's campaign.

The book ended with a cliffhanger. As a reader, you will wonder what will happen next. I recommend you read this book, even if you haven't read the previous books in the series.  Reading this book is similar to looking at a gossip website, although you try to stop reading you continue and soon become hook. I can't wait until I get my hands on book ten.

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