Kimbra Gets Nostalgic With 90's Music

3:29 PM

Shannah and I are both Kimbra fans and loved her first album Vows (buy it, buy it nowwww!) so of course I was uber excited when we learned about she was releasing more music. When she first dropped the link to hear her newest single "90s music" I was hoping to be blown away  with her amazing vocals, but then the song started to play and I was instantly confused.

What the hell was this?
 I lasted only a minute before I had to click away. I was not here for that single, but hoped that it was only a fluke. You know artists make mistakes or what not. Yesterday, the video dropped and I ignored it until late last night until I decided to give it another try. I still cringed when I heard the song. And cringed even more when I saw Kimbra trying to dance in the video. But once I got into the middle of the song things started to get better. The beat changed and she let her vocals go. Suddenly the song was more bearable. I even listened it to it again just to be sure.

This is not my favorite song by Kimbra, and I know she has to expand her talents and can't just do the same old things over and over, but this song barely scraped by for me. I'll still keep my eyes out for Kimbra and more of her music, and hopefully she and Janelle Monae will be able to get their tour back together and rock the US! Check out the song and tell me what you think of it.

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