Fun (Cheap) Things to do in Montgomery

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Montgomery has a great reputation as a historic city with lots of great places and events to see for it's historic value. But when it comes to strictly entertainment, there aren't many options in the city that don't kill your wallet. So we've gathered together a little list of fun and affordable things to do in the city that won't hurt your wallet. Check out our list and see what we came up with.

Movie night at AMC Theatre

Thursday nights are student nights at the AMC Theatre. Flash your student ID and you can get a ticket for $7. The best part about this deal is that most new releases are shown Thursday nights, so you can see the latest blockbusters ahead of everyone else.

Arcade at Brunswick Zone

Brunswick Bowling center has a big arcade room where you can play games like Pac Man, Connect Four and Fruit Smash. All your money is loaded onto a card so there is no worrying about missing tokens or keeping up with tickets. They also have an arcade Happy Hour where you can play games at a discounted price, which lasts Monday thru Friday at 6pm.

Of course Brunswick Zone has bowling deals as well. Monday nights games are $1 and shoe rentals are just 3.99. Weekdays, bowling is just $8 with shoe rentals.

Bowling at Bama Lanes

Bama Lanes one is  of the oldest bowling centers in Montgomery, so they don't have the big arcade like their competitors do. But they do make up for it with a great bowling deal. Thursday nights, you get one game, bowling shoes, a hamburger and drink all for just $7.

Comedy Nights

Local comedian Jason FiFi has been working to create a comedy scene in Montgomery for a few while now, and so far has successfully booked at least one comedy show in the city or nearby since March of this year. So far, most of the shows I've heard of have been cover free, but that may change depending on the venue. You can follow  Fifi on Facebook to see when upcoming shows are for going to be.

Looney's Skate Night

Think like T.I. and go roller skating with your friends for just $2 during Looney's  $2 Tuesday. Bring your own rollerblades or inline skates and take it back to the old school, or rent a pair for $1.50 more. Sunday nights are also Roll Bounce Sundays where adults 18+ can skate for $9.50. DJ JoJo McToy hosts this night, so there should be lots good tunes to skate and bounce to.

 Do Re Mi Karakoe Bar

Feel like getting your Beyoncé on? Then grab your friends together for a night of karaoke at Do Re Mi Karaoke Bar. Rooms range from $25, $30, and $50 for small, medium, and large rooms respectively.  It may sound like a lot at first, but splitting a large room with ten friends would bring the price to $5 per person.  I personally have not gone here before, but my friends went and say they enjoyed themselves there.

These are just a few of the things we've found so far in the city, and I'm sure there are a lot more.
Do you know of any other special discounted days, or fun things to do in Montgomery? Let me know in the comments!

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